Wind Energy
Fiberset has been called on to perform major structural repairs on blades, from splicing damaged spars to replacing large sections of skins. Minor repairs, refinishing, dynamic balancing of blade sets, and repair or manufacture of nacelles and spinners are a few of the ways Fiberset fills the needs of the wind turbine industry. As experts in the composite industry we are contacted to perform inspections on units that have been in service for many years.

These inspections have led us to recommend and implement structural modifications that enabled operators to add years to the service life of their blades. Fiberset is embarking on the next generation of wind turbine techonology as the company positions itself to lead in the country’s future Green Technology.

Fiberset operates a full service facility for the wind energy industry. Situated on 3 acres, the company occupies a fully dedicated building, including overhead gantries, sheltered warehousing where it performs a multitude of services for the wind energy industry. Included in Fiberset’s portfolio of full spectrum wind blade services includes manufacturing, modifications, weigh and balance, tip service, complete refurbishment, in-the air repairs and on-site ground repairs.

For more on Tehachapi and wind energy, see article featuring Fiberset in the Bakersfield Californian, 8-8-08.

For more on Fiberset and wind energy, see the article featuring us in the Bakersfield Californian:

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